Towing Near Me

What is worse than standing alone on the side of the road because your car broke out? Having no membership with the towing service company! It is better to look for Towing near me companies before you stand on the road lamenting about the miserable situation.

Roadside assistance is important for a couple of reasons highlighting the most important of all; not everyone can leave their comfort zone to help you in your hour of need. Bee-Z-Towing offers what you are looking for; we are in the business for many years which makes us knowledgeable of client’s demands and requirements.

What does Bee-Z-Towing offer?

Well, Bee-Z-Towing is not just limited to its Towing services, it includes a wide range of roadside assistance as well. It is a reliable source of help in an hour of need and you can trust its workers/technicians with full confidence. Bee-Z-Towing provides the following Towing near me services to its clients:

  1. Hook and Chain Towing service: This type of service is given only when the vehicle is totaled. Through this service, you will be able to save time, money & insurance company. Though this service puts stress on your vehicle as the hook is placed on the frame of your vehicle from the back which can misalign your vehicle, therefore, we typically use this service occasionally.
  2. Flatbed Towing service: This is the most common type of towing method followed by towing companies as it does not cause any damage to the vehicle. In this procedure, the vehicle is loaded on the flatbed, strapped in and then transported to the destination of your choice.
  3. Wheel Lift Towing service: What makes this service different from the traditional hook and chain service is its application of pulling a vehicle from the wheels instead of by the frame of a vehicle. Wheel lift towing is done by placing a metal yoke under either the back or front tires of your vehicle. This is a cost-effective method in comparison to Flatbed though it will cause minor damages to your vehicle.
  4. Boom Towing service: If your vehicle is stuck in a ditch or is in a location that is inaccessible by the traditional tow truck, then Boom Towing service is utilized. Boom tow trucks use a number of rubber slings or belt lifts to attach the vehicle and bring it safely onto the ground.
  5. Integrated Towing service: This service is usually employed by the police department to move a vehicle that is illegally parked. Integrated towing combines a boom tow truck with a wheel lift, metal ‘T’ axis.

Apart from the towing services, Bee-Z-Towing offers additional services as well including the followings:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Auto and Motorcycle towing
  • Car battery change and jump start
  • Locksmith solutions
  • Car towing services after an accident
  • Emergency gas/oil refueling
  • Long distance, private property, light to heavy-duty towing
  • Flat tire replacement

If you think we are the right choice for your needs, feel free to contact our executives anytime.